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Naoki Ishikawa is a photographer born in 1977 in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated in Fine Arts at Waseda University in 2002. In 2005, he obtained his Master in Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of the Arts, where he gained a PhD three years later. He exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in Japan as well as in the rest of the world. He won a great number of awards and he published his photographic work in different books: Pole to Pole (ChuoKoron Shinsha, 2003), Void (Knee High Media, 2005), New Dimension (AKAAKA, 2007), Polar (Little More, 2007), Vernacular (AKAAKA, 2009) and Mt. Fuji (Little More, 2009). At the moment, he works as a Special Research Fellow at the Institute for Art Anthropology at Tama Art University in Tokyo.